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Why use Takeout Technologies?

TakeOut Technologies was founded in July, 2004, with Restaurants on the Run, which specializes in offering To-GO services for its many clients.

TakeOut Technologies (TOT) is an industry leader

providing online, mobile, and call center integration for single and multi-unit hospitality-restaurants who seek to expand their market reach, leverage new technology for greater ordering efficiency, and increase financial returns while offering an exceptional customer experience. We have been developing our online ordering system specifically for the restaurant industry for over 14 years.

TOT partners with forward-thinking restaurant groups and enables them to consistently grow revenue, increase brand awareness and provide a consumer-driven product to insure their continued success well into the next decades and beyond...

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As a company we are committed to providing our customer with great value, we make it a priority to establish relationships with partners that are able to provide our clients with the best possible solutions. TakeOut Tech has established several partnerships with some of the leading companies within several industries to supply our customers with the most complete solution on the market.

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