About Us

As in industry leader, TakeOut Technologies is forefront in providing and growing services in the restaurant industry. We implement our cutting-edge technologies for online, mobile, and call center integrations. With over 14 years of experience, our online ordering system is specific to the restaurant industry. Whether you are a single restaurant or multi-unit, we are here to assist you in expanding your reach, create better efficiency and grow your financial returns while providing excellent customer service.

Partnering with forward-thinking restaurant groups, we are consistently growing revenue, increase brand awareness and provide a consumer-driven product to ensure their continued success.
Our experience of delivering and working with many different types of restaurants, including Marie Callender’s, California Tortilla, Great American Cookie, and Nekter Juice Bar, we saw one need in common: the ability to have their ordering systems become more efficient and precise. From our continuous work with our partners we have grown to see that TakeOut Tech also helps improve guest relations, increases up sells even during busy periods and also lower labor costs, enhance the customer experience, which all affect our client’s bottom line for the better!
We recognize the diversity of requirements from our clients and the demands of their guests and consumers, and to meet these needs we implemented call center support and products. We now can bring a fully integrated, centralized ordering solution that enables a variety of ordering channels including phone, Web, mobile smartphone ordering, iPad ordering with kiosk type functions, mobile, takeout, delivery, curbside and catering orders. By combining all of these methods of order delivery, customer service, and consumer information into a single database, clients are able to utilize a truly unique and powerful marketing advantage to enhance their current advertising and marketing strategies.