Before Your Restaurant Gets Busy, Take A Moment

Before Your Restaurant Gets Busy, Take A Moment

Whoa, can you believe there are only 2 weeks left in 2018? Take a moment, let that sink in. How are you ending your year? Take a moment, reflect, check in and remember. We understand your restaurant is heading into the two busiest weeks of the year. Now is the time before the chaos, to check in with 2018.

Take a moment to sit and quietly remember where you were at the beginning at 2018, making goals, plans to grow your restaurant and staff. Close your eyes and think of the best of times and the worst of times. Both happy and sad memories are needed to make successes and to grow, even for your business.

Reflect. Did you lead your team to be better? What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the year and did they change or did you accomplish them? You are running a business, in a competitive industry. It’s important to set goals and grow along with your business and staff.

Check-in and remember. Take a few minutes, talk to your staff. Find out where they are, how they are feeling and what they have planned. Spend a moment and let them know you recognize their hard work and appreciate them especially before the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Your staff are the backbone of your restaurant. Find out if they need anything if things could be better. Remember to share with them how well they did or maybe didn’t do this year, set some expectations for the future.

We know that you are gearing up for the busiest days of the year, it will be merry and bright!! Take a moment and let your team know you appreciate them and all their hard work and celebrate all your successes and wins for 2018 and get ready for 2019!