Delivery. Not just for Pizza

Delivery. Not just for Pizza

Not just for pizza and Chinese food anymore! Delivery is taking over in the restaurant scene!! As the new year gets its legs, it’s time to get your delivery on! For your business to increase in profit and for your customers. Delivery is no longer just a novelty, it’s a necessity. Your customers are expecting you to have delivery. And maybe you already offer delivery services and just aren’t happy with how it’s working for your customers.

Delivery as a service (DaaS) grew 33% last year. That’s a lot of your customer base. It’s time to make sure you are offering the best to your customers and potential customers. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to Nation’s Restaurant News:

“According to recent surveys, 51% of Americans use delivery services to purchase meals from casual dining restaurant2 and 26% order takeout or delivery at least once a week.3 These behaviors show little sign of slowing: digital ordering and delivery have been growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.4”

To stay relevant to your customers, offering delivery is your next step. What does this look like for your restaurant?

  • New software systems

  • Employee training

  • Packaging and utensils for to-go orders

  • Integrating delivery

This all sounds overwhelming. In an already busy kitchen and staff that have a lot of responsibilities, you are adding more work. Not necessarily. Let’s break it down, especially if you already brought in delivery and aren’t happy with how it works.

New Software. It may seem new, but only a little. DaaS software can be integrated into your current software systems. Making adding delivery fluid to your team.

Employee Training. Integrated software systems creates a  shorter training for your employees and nothing overly complicated.

Packaging and utensils. This is a little more complicated. There will take some time to figure out how to package all your menu items and ensuring that food will arrive hot and not soggy and so that it survives a trip in the car.

Integrating delivery. Using Take Out Technologies means we hire the delivery drivers and pay them and their insurance. To be helpful, create an area where they can come in quickly for their orders.

Adding delivery services or rethinking your current delivery services, is no longer optional., it is the must-have for your customers! Most restaurants see an immediate bump in business! Contact us to help you bring delivery to your customers!