June Round-Up It's Summer!

It’s officially Summer and if you are a restaurant, your days are full of patio eating, Summer deliveries, and mobile ordering.  Summer is just starting, and you can look forward to Fourth of July (You should be marketing any specials already) and incorporating more technology to help your customers better and grow your business whether it’s a full serve restaurant or foodie pop-up.

This month, we highlighted the mobile experience several restaurants are creating for their customers. Domino’s and Chick Fil A are two places that are bringing the customer and the food together in multiple locations. Tips and mobile ready services that are available to your business. Read more in our article Mobile is Driving Ordering.

So many picnics, hikes and days at the beach can lead to an overwhelming amount of environmentally harming plastics and trash, it’s time to take a look at how restaurants can be more environmentally conscious when it comes to their to-go packaging. Understanding the needs of your customer and the cost to your restaurant is critical to start making eco-friendly changes. Every little bit helps, as we discuss in our article How Green Are You

Last month, we started our Partner Spotlight, each month we are going to highlight and share with you a company that we are partnered with to make our services to you better and more comprehensive.  This month, we welcomed our newest partner, Foreknow. Learn more about how they use their technology and AI to help you understand your customers better.

We are working on creating you the best experience for you and your customers. Delivery as a service (Daas) is rapidly becoming a necessity for restaurants, and we are looking to bring you the best on trend information and services to help you succeed. Have any questions or looking to incorporate mobile ordering, DaaS or online ordering contact us.