Mobile Is Driving Ordering

Mobile Is Driving Ordering


You are hanging out at your favorite park, tossing the football or maybe just taking a leisurely stroll. You realize you are starving… a leisurely picnic sounds fantastic. You don’t want to leave the park on such a gorgeous day. What to do, What to do??

We have talked about incorporating delivery into your restaurant. This year, Dominos wants to make sure you don’t have to leave the park or concert. That’s right, log in to your Dominos app, and you can find the hotspots near year and get your pizza to you. With 150,000 hot spots around the country, I am sure there is a spot close to you.

Domino’s might be the first to use mobile hotspots. There are several other companies using technology and mobile services to get their food to their customers better, faster and locations. Dunkin Donuts enabled voice command using Google assistant on their app, Little Cesaears created hot lockers for customers to pick up their pizzas hot and ready! Chick Fil A allows you to follow your order and decide when you want to pick it up by having an “I’m here” button.

Mobile and technology are the two factors in each restaurant adding additional services to their offerings. Creating an app for your restaurant, adding a few bells and whistles and you can create another happy customer by their experience and interaction with your company. They can order with a few taps on their smartphone and customize to suit their tastes and flavors.

These companies are utilizing the current culture of avid smartphone use and millennial wants to have everything fast and convenient. Mobile usage is steadily growing and integrating mobile pay into your delivery and ordering options, give the power to the customer and their loyalty to you. Proper deployment of your mobile app, with integrated paying and implementing a loyalty program.

Mobile ordering isn't just for your customers; your employees will be able to manage time and orders more efficiently and spend more time focusing on customers. Providing a memorable and positive customer experience, in-store and online.

Being mobile first and ready for your customers is going to give your customers an easy way to order from you. Is your restaurant mobile forward? Not sure how to get mobile ordering or mobile ready? Contact Us