November Round - Up Ready for the Holidays

November Round - Up Ready for the Holidays

We hope that you enjoyed your holiday! Friends and family can be an amazing way to spend the day, even when you are working! Good news, you’ve done it!! You’ve made it through the first of the holidays and now it’s time to get yourself geared up for the rest of the year!! We are here for you and ready to help! Catch up on our November posts!!

Then we dived into stress. Working during the holiday can be incredibly stressful and not just for you and your staff, your customers are stressed. We shared our tips on keeping stress to the minimum and how to help your team when they are stressed.

Top Tips to Keep Stress Minimal

We started the month talking about how to get your restaurant and staff ready for the holidays! Make sure to see our tips on holiday staffing!

Everything You Need to Know to Staff Your Restaurant During the Holidays

Using behavior to learn how to run your business better and increasing efficiency and profits is how Marketing Vitals steps in with their software program. Learn more about how they do that. It’s incredibly fascinating and disrupts an industry that uses the math not behavior to run their restaurants.

Marketing Vitals, Data Rules the World

We are super excited for the last month of 2018 and how we can help you plan for all the holiday parties and for 2019!  What tips do you have for planning for 2019? Leave us a comment or on our Facebook page to use when we write our post. Ready to evaluate your software or add delivery as a service for 2019? Contact us and let us help!