Partner Spotlight: Foreknow


Each week, we share information that will help your restaurant be better for your customers or your employees. Whether we are talking about content, social media or looking out for your back of the house. This week  we will be highlighting Foreknow. These are companies we work with and incorporate to work with our clients. Our partners are for you, together we can grow and help your business.

We know that artificial intelligence and companies using data to connect and better serve their customers is the direction many companies are taking. Customers want to feel they are appreciated and known by the companies they purchase from. To bring this extraordinary technology to you, we have partnered with Foreknow.

Foreknow is focused on using their technology to help your company use data to create more thoughtful and intentional interactions with your customers. This will give you an opportunity to serve your customers more efficiently. With today’s technology and the ability to order via mobile, have deliveries made anywhere you are, using technology to improve these services and to your customers. Understanding your customers habits and what draws them will provide valuable insights to improve your services and offerings.

Using location data Foreknow will be able to influence customers and help you provide them with better service. Location services are a key factor in attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Everyone relies on location data every day, whether it’s choosing a spot for lunch that is close to the office or picking a dinner spot for date night that is close to the movie theater.

Learning your current customer habits will make it easier for your restaurant to provide a more customized service. Customizations will create a better relationship and interactions.

Reach out to potential customers that are in the area or unsure of what they are looking for, using location and mobile data they have shared. This opens a potentially huge new customer base. As you are able to market to the people walking around your restaurant or in the area.

What would you do with such powerful information? Know your data, use it to create improved mobile services and increase your customer base.  Create stronger marketing strategies and personalized loyalty programs that are custom for your client base. Contact us and let’s get your data working for you!