Partner Spotlight: Marketing Vitals - Data Rules the World

Partner Spotlight: Marketing Vitals - Data Rules the World


Data rules the world. At least it does for restaurants, data tells them how much food has been consumers, which servers have sold the most product and how much has been earned.  Number and more numbers. They determine staffing, food ordering and the end goal of profit or loss. Numbers don’t lie. That’s the truth. What if, instead of numbers, we look at behaviors. With the behaviors, you can improve sales and profits. Taking that even further, you can connect with your customer even better and anticipate their needs. Better service equals more money spent.

Behavior is what is going to revolutionize the restaurant industry. Talking with Rom Krupp, CEO of Marketing Vitals, using customer behavior to shift restaurateurs perceptions of data use. Customers give you all the information you need, using that information to staff, create menus and even entice your one time customers to become regulars.

Marketing efforts, employee training, pricing decisions, events… things that can be known by the data, however, there are things that are unknowns, holidays, low spending guests can skew the data and present a profit or loss when the reality is you lost low spending guests or maybe a there was a holiday.

Isolate what is making the change

Marketing Vitals has created the technology that brings together all the data points and then learns your customer behavior using loyalty points, customer orders, demographics. Integrating with your software they are able to predict customer behaviors, which part of your marketing plans, menu items are driving sales.

Most restaurants rely on the data. They use this data to determine successes and failures of staff, menu items, and marketing. The truth is, it’s the human behaviors that really drive your business. Results are just a state. Using the math doesn’t get your restaurant far, instead, you have to understand how you got there.

Marketing Vitals wants to disrupt how the data is used, they are going to be the agents of change to make the industry think differently. Marketing isn’t a role it’s a function. For example, the person buying the plates they need to understand the customer, marketing and acquisition. It’s everything that touches the guest, employee, food, menu. This is the data you need to examine and put together with the math.

Even better, the software is able to integrate with the existing POS and software systems and is a turnkey solution, software is integrated and can be live and gathering data in 2 or 3 days. Making this a strong investment and solution to any restaurateur that is looking to grow their profits and understand their customers and staff better.

The solution that drives thinking about the top line not about paying the bills. Custom integrations for customers with a data warehouse. Integrate all the data and normalize it. The solution is turnkey and it’s live in 2 or 3 days.

Connect with Marketing Vitals, learn more about what they are doing and how they are also, developing a consumer app that is really going to disrupt how people are looking at restaurants and how they are picking their favorite spots! It’s not about the math, it’s about the behavior!