Start 2019 Delivering DaaS for your Customers

Start 2019 Delivering  DaaS for your Customers

We talked about goals and growing for 2019 and now that you have had some time to ponder how you want your team and restaurant to grow next year, we want to help you! We want to see you grow your profits and your business.

Did you know adding delivery as a service to your restaurant will grow your business? Over 86% of consumers are using some sort of delivery service weekly. And that number is expected to grow in 2019.  Consumers are looking to get their meals where they want and they are moving to those restaurants that are offering delivery.

Adding delivery as a service (DaaS) is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Our software can be customized and integrated into your current POS system. This is not only cost effective but provides for a quicker onboarding time for your team. Everything is online.

The delivery software will also, allow your customers to order online. This creates efficiencies when ordering and fewer mistakes. The customer will be able to order and customize their food the way they want. The ticket is delivered straight to the kitchen. This means your front of the house people won’t be distracted by ringing phones or trying to write down a customers order while they are serving their tables.

From the customers' viewpoint, they are able to confirm their order is placed and then follow it along with their order. From the time they placed it, when it’s complete and when it will be in their hands. They can order with one click, save their favorite orders and know there won't be any mistakes with their order and food will be delivered hot!
Start 2019 off with a bang, give your customers another way to do business with you. Creating a fast and easy way to order their food will have them coming back each and every time. There will be fewer frustrations for both your customers and your staff. The return for a little effort is easy as pie. Contact us, let’s get your delivery services delivered. Contact us and we can get you delivering to your customers!