Top Social Media Tips for your Restaurant

Top Social Media Tips for your Restaurant

Are you using social media to help market and engage with your community? Posting to instagram a few times a week and updating Facebook on Fridays with your unlimited mimosa brunch is a good first step. There is more to social media and how it can help your restaurant grow and flourish online!

Hopefully, you have already established your online identity and claimed your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Yelp and Google business. Even if you aren’t going to post from every single account, it’s important to start the account and own your own name. This way, someone else can’t use it and take away from your own efforts to establish your online presence.

Each platform is different and needs different posts, times and types. It’s really not as hard or time consuming as it sounds. And, if it does, perhaps, it’s time to talk to a professional. It’s better to hire out than ignore it. The use of social media is important in not only can you connect with your current customers and potential customers, you can grow your reputation and foodie relationships.

For each platform, fill out the your profile. Make sure to get in all the relevant information. Make a calendar note to check this information quarterly. To keep it fresh and accurate.

Your profile should include:

  • A clear profile picture. Use your logo or storefront sign. You can find the correct sizes for your avatar and background photos here. Canva is an easy tool to help you resize and create your graphics. It’s Free.

  • Make the most of your limited space. Make it easy for people to find your hours and location.

  • Contact information. How do you want people to contact you. Do you use open table? Call or online forms.

Now that your profile is in shape, let’s talk about what you are posting. A strong social media account will have a combination of informational posts and posts that connect with your audience.

  • Post daily about your food, restaurant and staff. Take pictures and post about your specials, happy hour or your location. Try using Boomerang to make video snippets and Photofy to create fun posts with text and your logo. Ask your staff to take fun candid shots.  

  • Ask questions. Ask what your customers want to know, Ask yourself a question and share the answer. How you create your some of your dishes.

  • Highlight your employees. Let your customers know who is doing the cooking, serving and drink making.

  • Share posts from your customers. Make sure to ask them first. People connect with restaurants that recognize them.

Yelp and Google work a little different. You want to make sure you are responding to all the reviews and seeing what people are posting. Respond graciously and politely. Event to the negative reviews. Address the negative and ask to contact them offline.

We are now in an online world, most people are probably going to first see your restaurant on Facebook, Instagram or Yelp, Make sure that first time leaves a good taste in their mouth. Still feeling overwhelmed and unsure as to how to tackle your social media? Contact us!