Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our most asked questions.
Please contact us if you don't find what you are looking for. Our sales and support team is happy to help. You can email us here, or call (949)465-5050

1. What do I need to do to get online/mobile ordering started from TakeOut Tech?

All we need is your menu to get started! We will do all of the menu build out, design, layout, testing and branding for your restaurant with no additional effort required.

2. How quickly can I begin offering online ordering?

4- 12 weeks in most cases. After we receive your menu, we will send you links to review the menu in about 2 weeks. If POS integration is needed make this happen too! After your review, we will brand the site to mirror and match your website, so the guest experience is seamless and you are ready to GO!

3. Do you support day parts, catering and Gluten-free menus?

YES - We support all of our clients' menus, ordering process, even gluten-free options.

4. Does TakeOut Tech support Coupons?

YES-We support many types of coupons and they are very easily set up within our admin site, and tracked. With POS we can be limited by their API interface.

5. Can I have pictures of my menu items online?

YES. Simply send us the pictures you would like and we will import them into the menu descriptive for every item. (Including merchandise and gift cards).

6. Do you support gift cards and loyalty programs?

YES. We currently support Paytronix programs and we can build any other interface depending on the costs to build the interface, we are extremely reasonable.

7. Does a guest have to log in to look at my menu?

No. TakeOut Tech's program has a "Browse" feature allowing all potential guests to review your menu and even begin their order without logging in.

8. Can a guest place a "Future Order" - What about expected extremely busy days?

YES. A guest can place an order up to a month or more, in advance; however these parameters can be changed to support your internal process.

9. How does a guest pay for their order?

We support both Cash at Pickup, Check, House Account, Tax Free, and Credit Card payment options. We are PCI compliant and do not charge any additional fees for Credit Card transactions. All you need to do is contact your bank to let them know you want to open an E-Commerce account, or with most POS interfaces we use your current POS system for all transactions. Then send us their contact information and we will set everything up for you. The orders are batched for easy reconciliation and the guest's payments are then put directly into your merchant account.

10. Can I offer Delivery as well as Pick Up?

TakeOut Tech offers delivery and/or Pick Up options, including minimum order amounts and tip functionality. We use Google Mapping draw your delivery area, and/or we can import KML files into our system

11. How do you confirm the order to the guest?

The guest chooses their preferred method-email.

12. Can my catering or business clients "re-order" with the TakeOut Tech program?

YES. After any guest logs in, they can review and repeat a past order or reorder a saved favorite order with a single click.

13. How will my check averages increase with TakeOut Tech? How much?

We program every possible up sell opportunity and modifier into every menu item. Our intuitive system can even suggest specific menu items or gift cards before check out. Guests order at their own pace via our program and our clients' check increase 20-50%.

14. How are the online orders delivered to each location?

Orders can be delivered as it fits best for every location. We offer several options; Email, Network Printer, Fax, Voice Shot (Phone call notification) and POS integration. TakeOut Tech can support whichever process fits best for your restaurant.

15. Does TakeOut Tech integrate directly into POS systems?

YES. TakeOut Tech has the most actual POS integration experience, including Aloha, Micros 3700 & Simphony 1 and 2, POSitouch, NCR Silver and Silver Pro, Focus, rPower, Squirrel, Speedline, Firefly, BlueStreak, Treatware, and Xpient. We can integrate with any POS that has an open API and have several POS labs in our offices.

16. Does TakeOut Tech's program fit better for a single location or large restaurant groups?

Our program is fully scalable and we have successful clients with anywhere from 1-600 locations and also partner with large restaurant groups with hundreds of locations. Any size of restaurant or group can be successful with TakeOut Tech.

17. How easy is it to make changes to my menu?

Very simple-we build an admin site that our clients are trained on. We also recommend that clients send us an email and we will make all the changes for them, we make it easy.

18. What happens if we redo/rebrand our website?

Just let us know when you will make any changes and we will work with you or your web designer to insure everything is changed before the site is re-launched.

19. Is there a mapping feature so guests can find my restaurant?

YES. Our program automatically imports the location's address with the address of the guest. They simply click a link and directions are shown making it easy for them to find you.

20. What kind of support do you offer?

We have 24/7 support with IT team personnel on call after expanded business hours. TakeOut Tech does everything in house-we do not "farm" anything out to a third party, including support.

21. Do I have control of my guest database?

YES. Your guest database is YOURS. You can use this information for marketing and measurement of the program or special marketing campaigns. We do not use this information in any way.

22. How can I see TakeOut Tech's entire online ordering guest interface and marketing tools?

You can go through the demo available on our site, but we also suggest you contact us to set up a demonstration for you and your team. We can then review the entire guest interface, catering and business ordering programs and admin/marketing tools available.